Authorised: Paul Webb, Rep No 226548, this year celebrates 20 years of experience working in the financial planning industry. Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance. Paul founded what is now Presidium Wealth Group 16 years ago.

Paul has enjoyed a very strong relationship with our client base, through the rough and tumble of financial markets and the personal challenges of life that clients all face and need reassurance with. I am very proud to say I have made some fantastic friendships along the way.

What doest it mean to be an privately owned financial planner?

I don’t like off the shelf advice, I wanted to be able to give advice that was not biased towards using a particular product but was the best solution available.

Our business is owned by the people who operate it so we therefore are free to recommend what we believe is right for you. The alternative is a bit like going to a Toyota dealer for advice; most likely the dealer will recommend a Toyota.

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