Learn about investing including investment options and asset classes, how to spread investment risk, understanding the sharemarket and alternative assets.

Asset classes 

Investments are categorised into various asset classes according to the type of investment. Asset classes include cash, fixed interest, direct and indirect property and Australian and international shares.

Benefits of diversification

It’s important not to have all your eggs in the one basket in order to reduce the overall risk of your investment portfolio.

Sharemarket overview 

What is the sharemarket? How can you trade shares? What other options can you invest in through the sharemarket?

Australian shares

What are the different sectors within the Australian sharemarket? What are the different indices that track Australian shares? What are the different options for investing in Australian shares?

International shares 

Why consider investing in international shares? How can you gain exposure to international shares in your investment portfolio?

Listed investment companies 

What are listed investment companies (LICs)? How can they help you diversify your investment portfolio? How can you invest in listed investment companies?

Fixed interest investments 

What are fixed interest investments? Why invest in fixed interest? What options are available for investing in fixed interest?

Listed property trusts 

Investing in property through listed property trusts (LPTs). What are LPTs and how can they help build a diversified property portfolio?

Investing directly in property 

Investing in direct residential property can provide investors with a number of advantages including greater diversification, tax advantages and more control over your investment.

Alternative investments 

What are alternative investments? Do they offer acceptable risk and return? Are alternative assets such as hedge funds and derivatives suitable for retail investors?

Socially responsible investments 

What are socially responsible investments? Which companies do they invest in and which companies do they avoid? Do socially responsible investment funds offer returns comparable to other managed funds?