The first meeting comes at no cost and is obligation free.  This meeting generally covers the following topics:

*     About Presidium Wealth and Integrity Financial Planners

*     The financial planning process

*     A general discussion on your current situation and future plans

*     Steps moving forward

If during this consultation, we mutually agree it would be beneficial for you to engage our financial planning process, then we will provide you with a quote for the initial financial plan.

Our fees will always be explicit and transparent to our clients. We impress on them that if they are ever unsure about the fees, charges and what Presidium Wealth receive then they have the right to ask at any time.

Fee for Service

Our fee for service charge out rate is $190 per hour (plus GST). The same rate will be used for all staff.

Plan Preparation Fees

The fee range for plan preparation is $750 – $2,000. Clients will be quoted a final cost when they give us the authority to proceed and based on our analysis of the work involved.

Limited Advice

The plan fee may be less than $750 and is to be based on the work involved.


Your financial plan is just the beginning of the journey. Put simply, ongoing advice is necessary because:

  • Your own circumstances can change 
  • Investment market conditions and the economic environment will change 
  • Your taxation position and taxation law will change
  • Cash flows need to be monitored 
  • The amount of risk you are comfortable with will change 
  • Legislation can change 
  • Investment opportunities 

We charge a fee based on the value of your portfolio, generally represented as a percentage of the portfolio value.  This amount will be advised at the end of our first meeting.  We believe that this is the best approach for our clients as we have a vested interest in seeing your wealth grow.